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gismu x1 is an apple [fruit] of species/strain x2. See also grute.
xo plise
How many apples are there?
ta plise
That is an apple.
le plise co'a fusra
The apple has begun to decay.
loi plise ma zvati
Where are the apples?
lo plise ku makcu
The apples are ripe.
au e'o plise vanju
I'd like some cider, please.
mi ponse muki'o plise
I have exactly 5,000 apples.
lo'e plise cu xunre
Apples are red.
lo plise cu kukte
Apples are tasty.
do citka lo plise
You eat apples.
mi citka lo plise
I eat apples.
mi'ai citka lo plise
We eat apples.
lo kukte plise
tasty apple
je'u i plise
Yes. It is an apple.