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xu nai pluka fa lo nu catlu lo tarci ca lo nicte
Isn't it pleasant to look at stars at night?
mi vasxu lo noi culno lo kijno ce lo pluka panci vau vacri be lo purdi
I breathe the air of the garden full of oxygen and pleasant scents.
lo xance be do cu jai pluka fai lo ka se palpi
Your hand is pleasant to the touch.
lujvo x1=p1j (object/person) seems pleasant to/pleases x2=p2 in property x3, in that x1 does/is/partakes in x4=p_fai This is the first defined lujvo using -jax-, the proposed rafsi for jai. See also pluka.
lujvo x1=d1=k1 wants to play with plaything x2=d2=k2 for purpose x3=d3. cf. kelci, djica, zdile, xajmi, pluka, zukte.
gismu rafsi: nel nei x1 is fond of/likes/has a taste for x2 (object/state). See also cinmo, djica, pluka, prami, rigni, sinma, trina, xebni, cuxna, pendo.
.i lo sonci cu se pluka lo ckape je lo nunkei gi'e se mu'i bo nelci lo ninmu ku noi jai caprai co selkei
The soldier enjoys game and danger, and that is why he enjoys women who are the most dangerous of playthings.
ko'a pluka citka ro stasu muclai e ro molylai pe le toknu bo seljukpa je selpilka nanba mo'u lo nu va'ucmo
He savoured every spoonful of his soup and every mouthful of the roast and crusty bread until he finished it with a sigh.
gismu rafsi: pam pa'i x1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards x2 (object/state). Also: x1 is loving towards x2, x1 is a lover of x2 (one sense), x2 is beloved by x1 (= selpa'i for reordered places). See also cinmo, xebni, nelci, djica, sinma, pluka, kurji, pendo, speni.