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gismu rafsi: lut lu'a x1 is a route/path/way/course/track to x2 from x3 via/defined by points including x4 (set). A route merely connects origin/destination, but need not be improved in any way; (x4 is a set of points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly). (cf. litru, naxle, tcana, dargu, klaji, ve klama; tadji, zukte for means to a goal, klama, pagre)
lo pluta cu terzu'e
The path is the goal.
ma pluta lo renytcana
How do I get to the train station?
ma pluta lo tcadu
How do I get to the city?
ma pluta lo mritcana
How do I get to the post office?
ma pluta lo ckudi'u
How do I get to the library?
ma pluta lo gusta
How do I get to a restaurant?
ma pluta da
How do I get to X?
ma te pluta lo xaskoi
Which way is the beach?
ma pluta lo aftobuso tcana
How do I get to the bus station?
ma pluta lo lo vijytcana
How do I get to the airport?
le ve pluta cu tordu
The route is short.
ma pluta lo tatpi cukta barja
How do I get to the used bookstore?
ju'i do ma ve pluta lo ckuzda
Can you tell me the way to the library?
mi ba zganygau do lo pluta
I'll show you the way.
le za'umei pu cadzu lo jarki pluta
They walked along a narrow path.