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pejypoi zei uidje
zei-lujvo u1=pr1 is a drop-down list with list [ordered set] po1 in user interface u2. List box (={porsi zei uidje}), combo box (=pejypoici'a), widget (=uidje).
lujvo pi1=po2 is a staple for holding together pi2, made of pi3 Conceivably this might include a paper fastener as well. See plopijnytci for stapler.
pejypoici'a zei uidje
zei-lujvo u1=pr1 is a combo box with text c2 and list [ordered set] po1 in user interface u2. A combo box combines the capabilities of text fields (={ciska zei uidje}) and drop-down lists (={pejypoi zei uidje}). See also widget (=uidje).
experimental gismu x1 is an open/closed wound on locus x2 caused by x3. Unlike velxai, it's specific to physical injuries pertaining to the surface of an organic body such as skin. Open wounds include ka'arcagna for "incision / incised wound", fercagna for "laceration", gukcagna for "abrasion", tuncagna for "puncture wound", grecagna for "penetration wound", batcagna for "bite wound", dancagna for "gunshot wound", jelcagna for "burn", da'ercagna for "bedsore", furcagna for "necrosis"; closed wounds include daxcagna for "contusion/bruise", camdaxcagna for "hematoma", ra'ircagna for "chronic wound". The victim (the whole of the injured body) may be specified by joining it to the x2 with "po" or putting it directly on x2 with "tu'a".