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mi na te vecnu ti poi snacukyvei .i se sraku
I would like to buy some cigarettes.
mi tirna lo sance be lo palta poi ca'o porpi
I hear the sound of a plate that is falling.
mi tirna lo tonga be lo palta poi farlu
I hear the tone of the plate falling down.
lo ropa perli poi stali le tricu cu fusra
The only pear left on the tree is rotten.
li re du lo ropa namcrprimu poi lamli'e lo namcrprimu
2 is the only prime whose successor is prime.
ma jdima lo badna poi kilto lo grake
How much is the kilo of bananas?
lo bolci poi ckabu cu plipe ri'a lo ka pruni
A rubber ball jumps because it is elastic.
do poi dasni lo creka cu simlu lo ka stati
You look smart in the shirt.
ca lo crisa lo pezli poi crino co'a xunre
In the fall leaves that are green, turn red.
xu du lo prenu poi mitysisku mi ca lo prulamdei
Are you the same person who searched for me yesterday?
lo se flora poi do viska cu rozgu
This flower is a rose.
ai mi te vecnu lo karce poi kargu jo cnino
I'm going to buy an expensive car if and only if it is new (or not to buy any cars if they don't satisfy this condition).
mi zgana lo cinki poi jutsi ro da
I watch insects of all kinds.
ti ralju klaji lo tcadu lo zarci poi vrici
This is the main street of the city giving access to various shops.
mi pu punji lo bisli poi kubli lo te runta
I put ice cubes into the drink.
mi pu citka lo stasu poi vasru lo nudle
I ate a soup with noodles.