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gismu rafsi: pos po'e x1 possesses/owns/has x2 under law/custom x3; x1 is owner/proprietor of x2 under x3. (x3 is generally more important to the concept than commonly accepted for the English equivalent, since the concept is broader when unconstrained, and the nature/interpretation of possession/ownership is very culturally dependent); See also ckini, ralte, jitro, steci, srana, tutra, turni, zivle.
do ponse xo mapku
How many caps do you own?
ma ponse ta
Who owns it?
pei do ponse ti
Do you own this?
mi ponse muki'o plise
I have exactly 5,000 apples.
dei se ponse mi
This sentence is mine.
mi ponse dei
I own this sentence.
ta se ponse mi
That belongs to me.
noda ponse la lunra
Nobody owns the moon.
mi ponse so'u jdini
I have little money.
experimental cmavo ponse modal, 1st place: with possessor/owner... See ponse, po
mi ponse le vi karce
This is my car.
mi ponse lo barda gerku
I have a big dog.
do ponse lo vi cukta
This book is yours.
mi na ponse lo pikta
I don't have a ticket.
mi ponse so'o glibau cukta
I have some English books.