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.e'o ko tolyle'a lo mi kargu se ponse
Could you give me back my valuables?
uu nai mi ba ponse lo do pruxi
Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha! Your soul will be mine!
mi viska lo fu'e .ia blanu zdani fu'o ponse
I see the owner of what I believe to be a blue house.
mi na djica lo nu ponse lo do'o dinju
I do not want your houses.
le laldo nanmu cu ponse lo rau jdini
The old man has enough money.
lo'e bebna poi ke'a ponse lo tutci cu ba'e bebna
A fool with a tool is still a fool.
ro ricfu prenu cu ponse su'o re karce
Every affluent person owns at least two cars.
mi viska lo fu'e ia cizra zdani fu'o ponse
I can see an owner of what I believe is a strange house.
mi viska lo ponse be ia lo blanu zdani
I see an owner of what I believe to be a blue house.
mi ponse lo megdo be lo rupnu be li ci
I own three million dollars.
le nakni cu pindi lo ka ponse no xirma
He is poor in that he doesn't own a horse.
le prenu cu ponse lo karce lo zekri
The person owns the car illegally (not under official law).
xu do ricfu lo ka ponse lo tumla
Are you rich in how much land you own?
lujvo p1 legally owns / is the legal owner of p2 according to law p3=f1. Specific to ownership according to some law, does not neccessarily imply possession (=ra'erpo'e). Note that ponse is broader.
lujvo f1 is capital stock distributed among shareholders p1=f2 issued by company/corporation/firm p2 . Cf. ponse, fatri, posterfai, posyselfai, fairprali.
lujvo x1=p1 claims ownership of x2=p2 in condition p3. Cf. xusra, ponse.