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lujvo x1 is in the x2-th slot of sequence x3 See also momkai, moi, porsi, pormei
lujvo x1 (sequence) has length x2 See also cmimei, pormoi, memkai, mei
lujvo x1 is a subsequence of x2 located at the end of x2 and x3 elements long porsi, fanmo, pormoi, moi
lujvo x1 (sequence) is a sorted sequence, ordered by relation x2 (binary ka), from unordered set/plurality x3 Same place structure as porsi, but specifies that the sequence has been sorted according to some rule. See cnici, porganzu, pormei, pormoi
fu'ivla x1 is the value (sumti-object) associated with x2 (label or description), from compound object x3, in interpretation rules/system x4 Generalization of moi. May be used as the brivla form of moi, but also may be used to extract values from compound objects, such as dates, addresses, sequences, or even passages of text. See pormoi, momkai