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lujvo x1 is the empty array/sequence See kunti, porsi, kutysetmima, kutlerpoi, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o
fu'ivla x1 is a partial/total ordering on set x2 defined by rules x3 Use with fi'o for specification of ordering. Rather similar to porsi; notice that the terbri are permuted.
lujvo x1 is a subsequence of x2 located at the end of x2 and x3 elements long porsi, fanmo, pormoi, moi
lujvo x1 sorts x2 (plurality or sequence) into x3 (ordered sequence) according to relation x4 (binary ka) See porcnegau, nicpoi, porsi, ganzu
lujvo x1 is in the x2-th slot of sequence x3 See also momkai, moi, porsi, pormei
fu'ivla x1 is an ordered sequence consisting of elements x2, x3, x4, etc. See porsi, ce'o, setmice, gunmace, menrece
lujvo Group of agents p3=z1 sequentially perform/take turns doing z2 in order p2 for purpose z3. Cf. porsi, zukte.
lujvo x1 is a text, a sequence of words See valsi porsi, se cusku, se bacru, jufra
lujvo x1 (sequence) is a sorted sequence, ordered by relation x2 (binary ka), from unordered set/plurality x3 Same place structure as porsi, but specifies that the sequence has been sorted according to some rule. See cnici, porganzu, pormei, pormoi
gismu rafsi: ste x1 (physical object) is a list/catalog/register of sequence/set x2 in order x3 in medium x4. Also roll, log. (x2 is completely specified); (cf. porsi, girzu, cmima for mental objects wherein order is of varying importance; some manifested order is intrinsic to a physical list, but the specific order may be incidental and not intentional/purposeful)
lujvo x1 is a member of the unordered set x2 upon which rules x3 are applied in order to produce list x4; x1 is a member of the elements constituting list x4. Also "x1 is part of list x4". cf. cmima, cmavo list lu'a and lo'i, porsi.
pejypoi zei uidje
zei-lujvo u1=pr1 is a drop-down list with list [ordered set] po1 in user interface u2. List box (={porsi zei uidje}), combo box (=pejypoici'a), widget (=uidje).
gismu rafsi: mim cmi x1 is a member/element of set x2; x1 belongs to group x2; x1 is amid/among/amongst group x2. x1 may be a complete or incomplete list of members; x2 is normally marked by la'i/le'i/lo'i, defining the set in terms of its common property(ies), though it may be a complete enumeration of the membership. See also ciste, porsi, jbini, girzu, gunma, klesi, cmavo list mei, kampu, lanzu, liste.
gismu rafsi: li'e x1 precedes/leads x2 in sequence x3; x1 is former/preceding/previous; x2 is latter/following. Also x1 before, forerunner; leading, as in 'leading indicators'; x2 after, trailing (= selyli'e for reordered places). See also cmavo list li'e, balvi, ralju, rebla, purci for time sequence, jersi, porsi, jatna, farna.