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le prenu cu ponse lo karce lo zekri
The person owns the car illegally (not under official law).
le prenu cu pulji lo nu lo klaji cu smaji
The person is a police officer enforcing silence in the street.
le laldo prenu cu ruble lo ka pinxe si'u nai
The old man is weak in being able to drink himself.
le prenu cu clani se la'u li so'i
The person is very tall.
le prenu pu cusku da te be'i mi
He said something to me.
le prenu cu gunka te zu'e lo ka co'u morji
He works in order to forget.
ro prenu cu su'o va'e lo ka bebna
Every person is stupid to some degree.
mi pu ca'o vofli bu'u lo vinji be lo prenu
I was flying in a passenger's airplane.
le prenu ca zvati vu ci trene tcana ki mi
The man is now far away, three train stations from me.
bu'u la nipon lo prenu cu citka lo xruba nudle
In Japan people like eating buckwheat noodles.
lujvo x1=f1 is extraterrestrial/alien, from/associated with celestial body/region x2=k2 From kensa fange. kesfange dacti: extraterrestrial object, kesfange jmive: extraterrestial life, kesfange prenu: extraterrestial person/sapient being
lujvo c1 (quoted word(s)) is a/the (proper) name identifying an individual person [not necessarily human] c2=p1 to/used-by namer/name-user c3 (person). Personal name usually today comprises a given name bestowed at birth or at a young age plus a surname, but may vary culturally. Naming convention (=cmene cacyjva). See also cmene and prenu.
lujvo x1=pi1 is a portrait of x2=pi2=pr1 (motif) by x3=pi3 (artist). vi'a prexra for portrait picture; vi'u prexra for statue. cf. prenu pixra
lujvo j1 is a human right for z1=p1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. prenu, zifre, javni, zi'ejva, rarzi'ejva, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e.
ci'i da te cuxna fi pa prenu i je ci'i re da te cuxna fi re prenu
There is an infinite number of possibilities for one man, and twice as many for two men.
mi pu zgana loi prenu je ba co'a sanli i ba bo mi pu muvdu fa'a lei prenu
I noticed a crowd and stood up. After that, I moved into the direction of the crowd.