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mi kancu lo prenu li pa re lo ka re mei
I counted the people as 12 couples.
mi pu na birti lo nu xo kau prenu cu zvati
I wasn't sure how many people were present.
pa ki'o mu no no prenu cu tadni lo vi ckule
One thousand and five hundred (1,500) people study in this school.
loi pulji pu se linji lo clani te zu'e lo ka kurji lo prenu poi cadzu
The police officers formed long lines in order to protect walking people.
le prenu pu sakci lo danmo pe ra'i lo fagri lo fepni
He inhaled some smoke from the fire into his lungs.
lo za'u vi prenu cu sarxe lo rarna lo ka ce'u ce'u jikca
This people are in harmony with nature in interacting with each other.
le prenu pu spuda lo se friti be le fetsi lo ka cmila
The person responded to her offer with laughter.
lo se stidi be le prenu pu du lo nu daspo lo dinju
Her proposal was to destroy the building.
le prenu cu sanli va lo mitre be li re ki mi
The man is standing two meters away from me.
le prenu cu sanli vi lo mitre be li re ki mi
The man is standing near, only two meters away from me.
le prenu poi pu tavla do zi'e noi blondine cu bruna mi vau ue pei
The man that talked to you and who is blond is my brother, surprised?
vo da poi gerku vau re de poi prenu zo'u da batci de
There are four "da" (that are dogs) and there are two "de" (that are men) such that each dog ("da") bites the two men ("de").
experimental cmavo digit/number: any/non-specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that it is not important what the specific members of the referential set are Note: ro is preferred if you are merely saying that the predicate is true for all referents ("Anyone can do this"), rather than saying something like "Choose any two apples". // (xe'e pa prenu) = "any one person / one non-specific person", (xe'enai pa prenu) = "one specific person". See itca, steci, su'anai, su'ero, te'i'o
lo temci zo'u lo prenu ro roi troci lo nu catra .i ku'i za ba'o catra py
Time: That which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him.
ro sinma be lo sinma be le ca jatna be le merko naku se sinma su'o prenu
Anyone who respects someone who respects the current president of the United States is not respected by at least one person.
.i mu'a lo prenu poi xadni nitcu lo xalka cu kakne lo nu morsi ri'a lo nu na pinxe
For instance, people who physically have to have alcohol can die from not drinking.