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fu'ivla m1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains Kentucky coffeetree wood (genus Gymnocladus) of type m2. The wood is used both by cabinetmakers and carpenters. It has very little sapwood.
lujvo xa1=d1 is the little finger of hand xa2=d2 attached to body d3. See also: xantamji, relmoixandegji, cibmoixandegji, vonmoixandegji.
fu'ivla x1 is Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony Also: flatacai ~ Fluttershy; tu'ailspake ~ Twilight Sparkle, but jbovlastes morphology checker is not up to date, so this word can't be entered into the database yet. It's morphologically fine by today's standards, however, so feel free to use tu'ailspake.
fu'ivla c1 is a hob/hobbit [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2. See also Little people [mythology] (=ridytorpre), dwarf (=torpre/ridrdverga).
fu'ivla x1 (agent) does x2 (amount/property of x1) as little as it/he/she/they do(es) x3 (relation between x1 and x2) See also tankomo.
lujvo t1=p1 is a dwarf/midget [short in stature resulting from a medical condition; not not necessarily human] by standard t3. Not to be confused with "Little people [mythology]" (=ridytorpre), "Hobbit" (=ridrxobi), "Dwarf" [mythology/fantasy] (=du'erga).
la .pinbol. cu ci'erselkei sei lo ka muvgau lo cmalu gatyboi lo salpo je lo kevna vau sei re nalci cu tutci cu terzu'e
The game of pinball involves directing a little steel ball onto ramps and into holes with a pair of flippers.
gismu rafsi: kul cu'e x1 is school/institute/academy at x2 teaching subject(s) x3 to audien./commun. x4 operated by x5. Also college, university. See also cilre, ctuca, tadni.
experimental cmavo in the Nth month. ma'irdetri modal. ex.) lo ckule cu de'a gubni de'i'i li bi (The school is closed in August.) See also de'i; de'i'a, de'i'e, de'i'o, de'i'u.
lujvo c1 is a trade/vocational school at c2 teaching job skills c3=j1 to audience/community c4=j2 operated by c5
lujvo ci1 is a term/semester with interval ci2 of year ci3 for school ck1. x2 may be formed with "bi'o". Cf. citsi, ckule.
lujvo p1 is a diploma entitling p2 to entitlement/privilege p3 (event/state) from school/institute/academy x4=c1 teaching subject(s) x5=c3.
fu'ivla x1 is a bikin/two piece skimpy woman's garment of material x2 consisting of top x3 and bottom x4 Can be used in the sense of swimwear, or coordinated underwear, or even skimpy outerwear. The key aspects are two piece, for women, and covering little more than the breasts and crotch.
ko catlu ta poi melbi je cmalu nixli
Look at that short pretty girl.
la xokaidos cu darno mutce ienaipei
Hokaido is pretty far, isn't it?
do melbi pa'a lo tsakura
You are pretty like a cherry blossom.