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ko'a kakne lo nu xamgu tavla lo glibau
She can speak English pretty well.
lo melbi je cmalu zdani
A pretty and small home is here.
mi pu viska lo fetsi i le fetsi cu melbi
I saw a female. She is pretty.
lujvo x1=g1 works on x2=g2 with goal/purpose x3=g3 which is associated to school x4=c1 at x5=c2 teaching subject(s) x6=c3 to audience/community x7=c4 (of which x1 is a part) operated by x8=c5 The x2 could be homework, c.f. zdakemkulgu'a.
lujvo x1=c4=m1 graduates/completes coursework from x2=c1 at location x3=c2 in subject matter x4=c3, by the standards of the administration x5=c5=m3 This is really a dropped SE of velkulmu'o. m2 is the implied "property of learning at c2 subject matter c3 from school c1"
obsolete fu'ivla x1 (notion) is Absurd/is characterized by an Absurd nature in aspect x2, belonging to school of philosophy/type of Absurdism x3, according to standards/methodology/classification/claim x4 flese is an experimental gismu and the short rafsi -les- is not officially assigned. For the term "Absurdism" itself, consider: te lesrxapsurdie. The Absurd in this case is that associated with, for example, Albert Camus and other philosophers.
lujvo x1 philosophizes/cogitates/ruminates/thinks profoundly about topic x2, with specifics of thought x3 and methodology x4, belonging to school/branch/super- philosophy x5; x1 is a philosopher/philosophe (not necessarily professional or trained). flese is an experimental gismu. This word does not imply a professional, trained, expert, credible, or even habitual/common attendance to philosophical (mental) faculty, but does imply a bit more profundity then mere thought or passing notion. See also: filsofo, flese.
ra nixli co mebli fi lo ka viska
She is a pretty girl to look at.
ta melbi ke cmalu ractu kevna
That is a pretty hole for small rabbits.
le nanla pu klina lo ka te smuni ma kau
The boy was pretty clear in what he meant.
ca da le merko ba cuxna lo ninmu jatna i la'e di'u ba na melbi
Someday the USA will elect a woman president, and it won't be pretty.
ca da le merko ba cuxna lo ninmu jatna i la'e di'u ba na melbi
Someday the USA will elect a woman president, and it won't be pretty.
lo melbi ninmu poi se kerfa lo pelxu pu cadzu bu'u le panka
A pretty woman with yellow hair was walking in the park.
do melbi iu ro'o cu'i
You are pretty, not that I love you in sexual sense.
ja'e lo xlamau mi ze'a lo masti be li ji'ixa cu de'a sai lumci lo mi flira fo lo mokau jisygau
To make things worse, I pretty much stopped washing my face with any kind of cleanser for about six months
obsolete fu'ivla s1 is a snowy mermaid/tukauki/mikoikoi/pretty grass-flag (genus Libertia) of species/cultivar s2.