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mi pu punji le pelji lo kajna be lo fagri stuzi
I put the paper on the mantel.
le fetsi pu punji lo karli lo sruri be lo cintura
She put a waist around her waist.
lo mi mamta pu mikce mi tu'a lo mi bekpi ta'i lo ka punji lo jduli
My mother treated my ill back by applying an ointment.
doi nobli e'o ko punji lo ka virnu vau lo mi risna
Lord, put courage into my heart!
lo vi finpe ca seksi lo ka punji lo sovda vau lo ka fetsi
This fish demonstrates its female sexuality by laying eggs.
la alis pu sutra lo ka punji lo botpi lo tanxe
Alice was fast enough in putting the bottle into the box.
gismu x1 is a button/knob/[handle] on/for item x2, with purpose x3, made of material x4. See also jadni, balji, punji, jgari, lasna.
lujvo p1 paints surface p3 with paint p2=c1. Cf. cinta, punji, pirlarfi'i.
gismu rafsi: cpa x1 gets/procures/acquires/obtains/accepts x2 from source x3 [previous possessor not implied]. Also fetch; accept a gift (= seldu'acpa). See also punji, lebna, vimcu.
lujvo f4=p1 pastes (during editing) f2=p2 from f3. Cf. fukpi, punji, fukra'e, vicra'e.
fu'ivla x1 (entity) connects, sets up x2 (entity) onto x3 (entity) See also punji, setca, pilno
lujvo c1 leaves c2, which they brought, at c3 Cf. to'e, cpacu, cirko, punji, norcpa, fesli'a, radycru.
lujvo p1 lays p2=v1 on/at surface/locus p3=v2. Cf. punji, vreta.
gismu rafsi: leb le'a x1 takes/gets/gains/obtains/seizes/[removes] x2 (object/property) from x3 (possessor). Also confiscate, appropriate. Acquire with volition such that x1 gains possession; x3 is possessor and not merely source, alienation is implied. (cf. punji, cpacu where volition or previous possession is not necessarily implied, vimcu for alienation where x1 need not gain possession, canci, cliva)
i ku'i co'i ma lo cevni nu zukte cu punji lo pruxi lo fukpi tarbi pe ne'i lo cipra tu'urvau i xu go'i co'i sai lo nu co'a bu'u jmive
But when would divine intervention place a soul in a cloned fertilized egg in a test tube? Would this occur at the exact moment when life begins therein?
gismu x1 is upon/atop/resting on/lying on [the upper surface of] x2 in frame of reference/gravity x3. (x1 may be object or event); See also se vasru, jbini, zvati, nenri, vreta, ckana, diklo, jibni, lamji, zutse, punji for lay upon, sarji, zbepi.