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gismu x1 (action/activity/behavior) is sane/rational by standard x2. See also fenki.
This makes sense.
ti racli
It makes sense.
ne'aunai racli
How intuitive!
sai racli
How intuitive!
racli fau da'i
That would make sense.
racli fau da'i
That would make sense.
lo seldau be ra cu racli
His argument is rational.
lo se stidi cu simlu lo ka racli
The suggestion seems logical.
mi sruma lo nu racli vau lo nu ca'o smaji
I think it'd be rational to continue keeping silence.
ju'o cu'i la lojban cu racli bangu i ku'i ju'o sai lo jbopre ta'e na racli prenu
I'm not certain if Lojban is a rational language, but I am very sure that Lojbanists are habitually not rational people.
ro da poi do cusku bau ly cu jai racli naku vau ca'e
Not everything that you say in Lojban should be rational.
racli fa lo nu do pu cuxna lo ka tavla bau la lojban
It's rational that you chose to talk in Lojban.
gismu rafsi: fek x1 (action/event) is crazy/insane/mad/frantic/in a frenzy (one sense) by standard x2. See also bebna, racli, xajmi.
lujvo x1=r1 (action/activity/behavior) is irrational by standard x2=r2 Inadequate reason or emotional distress may for example be the motivation of an irrational event. Cf. racli.
lujvo x1 is harmonious with logical philosophy/thought in aspect x2 (ka); x1 is logical (one sense) English "illogical" typically either means to'e lojysarxe or tolracli. See logji, sarxe, jbosarxe, racli.