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gismu rafsi: ciz x1 is strange/weird/deviant/bizarre/odd to x2 in property x3 (ka). Also alien, mysterious, deviant, queer, unusual, exotic. See also ranxi, rirci, fange, banli.
gismu rafsi: kaf x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of coffee from source/bean/grain x2. Brew based on a seed/bean/grain; e.g. also chicory coffee, decaf, postum. See also tcati, brewed from a leaf, barja, cakla.
gismu rafsi: ci'u x1 (si'o) is a scale of units for measuring/observing/determining x2 (state). See also cmavo list ci'u, gradu, merli, cimde, manri.
gismu rafsi: kir x1 is grateful/thankful to/appreciative of x2 for x3 (event/property). Also gratitude (= nunckire or kamckire). See also cinmo, friti, pluka.
gismu rafsi: kul cu'e x1 is school/institute/academy at x2 teaching subject(s) x3 to audien./commun. x4 operated by x5. Also college, university. See also cilre, ctuca, tadni.
gismu rafsi: cma x1 is small in property/dimension(s) x2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x3. See also caxno, cinla, jarki, tordu, barda.
gismu rafsi: mi'a x1 laughs (emotional expression). x1 laughs at x2 (= mi'afra). See also ckasu, frumu, xajmi, cisma.
gismu rafsi: cko x1 soaks up/absorbs/sucks up x2 from x3 into x4; x1 is an absorbant. See also panje, sakci, lacpu.
gismu rafsi: cpa x1 gets/procures/acquires/obtains/accepts x2 from source x3 [previous possessor not implied]. Also fetch; accept a gift (= seldu'acpa). See also punji, lebna, vimcu.
gismu rafsi: par x1 climbs/clambers/creeps/crawls on surface x2 in direction x3 using x4 [limbs/tools]. See also klama, litru, bajra, farlu, plipe.
gismu rafsi: rep x1 (agent) harvests/reaps/gathers crop/product/objects x2 from source/area x3. See also critu, sombo, jmaji.
gismu rafsi: rid x1 is a fairy/elf/gnome/brownie/pixie/goblin/kobold [mythical humanoid] of mythos/religion x2. Also orc, giant, demon or devil (when humanoid-form is presumed by the mythos/religion), bugbear, bogeyman. (cf. ranmi, especially for non-humanoid creatures of myth, lijda)
gismu rafsi: ri'o x1 is green/verdant [color adjective]. See also skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, cicna.
gismu rafsi: rip x1 is a bridge/span over/across x2 between x3 and x4 [unordered, typically destination first]. See also bargu, kruca, ragve, kuspe.
gismu rafsi: cis x1 is summer/summertime [hot season] of year x2 at location x3. See also citsi, critu, dunra, vensa.
gismu rafsi: teb x1 is a/the lip [body-part]/rim of orifice x2 of body x3; (adjective:) x1 is labial. See also moklu, korbi, cinba.