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gismu rafsi: das x1 wears/is robed/garbed in x2 as a garment of type x3. x2 need not be intended for use as a garment (unlike taxfu). See also taxfu.
gismu rafsi: spo x1 (event) destroys/ruins/wrecks/despoils x2; x1 is destructive. See also spofu, xrani, marxa, zalvi, xaksu.
gismu rafsi: dec x1 is a tenth [1/10; 10^{-1}] of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units). (cf. grake, mitre, snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo, xampo, gradu. litce, merli, centi, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi, petso, picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, xexso, zepti, zetro)
gismu rafsi: dej x1 owes x2 in debt/obligation to creditor x3 in return for x4 [service, loan]; x1 is a debtor. See also jbera, janta, zivle.
gismu rafsi: deb x1 is a bean/pea/leguminous seed from plant [legume] x2. See also grute, sobde, tsiju.
gismu rafsi: dem x1 is dense/concentrated/packed/intense in property x2 (ka) at location/locus x3. See also carmi, midju, viknu.
gismu rafsi: des x1 shakes/quakes/trembles/quivers/shudders/wobbles/vibrates from force x2. Also (expressible either with desku or slilu): side to side, to and fro, back and forth, reciprocal motion. See also slilu, janbe.
gismu rafsi: dir x1 (event) interrupts/stops/halts/[disrupts] x2 (object/event/process) due to quality x3. Also disturbs (one sense). See also zunti, fanza, raktu, denpa.
gismu rafsi: dil x1 is a cloud/mass of clouds of material x2 in air mass x3 at floor/base elevation x4. See also carvi, tcima.
gismu rafsi: dim x1 is a fate/destiny of x2; [doom, curse are mabla-forms]; x2 is fated/predestined/doomed to x1. Fated/destined/doomed (= seldimna). See also dapma.
gismu rafsi: di'o x1 is a nail/tack [pointed driven/frictional fastener] of type/size x2 (ka), made of material x3. (x2 also can be ni abstraction); See also pijne, lasna.
gismu rafsi: dig x1 is a drop [small, cohesive shape] of material [liquid/vapor] x2 in surrounding material x3. See also daplu, bidju.
gismu rafsi: dor do'i x1 is the daytime of day x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1 is diurnal (vs. nocturnal). See also nicte, djedi, tcika.
gismu rafsi: dra x1 is correct/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect x2 (ka) in situation x3 by standard x4. See also srera, mapti.
gismu rafsi: dat x1 isn't the-same-thing-as/is different-from/other-than x2 by standard x3; x1 is something else. See also mintu, frica.
gismu rafsi: rud dru x1 is a roof/top/ceiling/lid of x2. (cf. bitmu, stedu, galtu, gapru, loldi, marbi, gacri, mapku; a drudi is (designed to be) over/above something and shelters it from other things above the drudi, mapku)