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gismu rafsi: lal x1 analyzes/examines-in-detail x2 by method/technique/system x3 [process/activity]. See also catlu, zgana, jarco, pensi, pinka.
gismu rafsi: lan x1 is a sheep/[lamb/ewe/ram] of species/breed x2 of flock x3. See also kanba, sunla.
gismu rafsi: lax x1 is in balance/equilibrium under forces x2 (mass). (cf. midju, nutli; fapro for balancing/opposing forces, nutli)
gismu rafsi: lar x1 (process) is an art [creative application] of craft/skill x2 (idea/activity). (adjective:) x1 is artistic. See also finti, zbasu, stati.
gismu rafsi: la'o x1 reflects Latin/Roman/Romance culture/empire/language in aspect x2. See also ropno, fraso, spano, xispo, itlo, gomsi.
fu'ivla x1 is Platonic/a Platonistic ideal/philosophy about topic x2 characterized by thoughts/ideals x3 and methodology x4, according to thinker/user/standard x5 See also: flese (an experimental gismu with short rafsi -les- (not yet officially accepted))
gismu rafsi: lim x1 (agent) swims in fluid x2. See also djacu, fulta, klama, litru.
gismu rafsi: lid x1 is lightning/electrical arc/thunderbolt striking at/extending to x2 from x3. Also thunder (= lidysna). See also dikca.
gismu rafsi: loj x1 [rules/methods] is a logic for deducing/concluding/inferring/reasoning to/about x2 (du'u). Also (adjective:) x1, x2 are logical. See also nibli.
gismu rafsi: lob jbo x1 reflects [Loglandic]/Lojbanic language/culture/nationality/community in aspect x2. Pre-Lojban forms of Loglan (= dzejbo). See also bangu, logji.
gismu rafsi: lur x1 is Earth's moon (default); x1 is a major natural satellite/moon of planet x2. See also plini, solri, terdi, mluni.
gismu rafsi: mab x1 is a mammal/'animal'/beast of species x2. See also danlu, ladru, tatru, ractu, xanto, xarju.
gismu rafsi: cnu x1 (event/action/process) is manual [not automatic] in function x2 under conditions x3. See also zmiku, jitro.
gismu rafsi: ma'u x1 is mature/ripe/fully-grown/adult in development-quality x2 (ka). See also cifnu, ninmu, verba, banro, farvi, nanmu.
gismu rafsi: maf x1 is magic/supernatural/sorcery/witchcraft/wizardry to x2, performed by person/force/deity x3. See also krici, manci.
cmevla Mom/Mum The rafsi for mamta used as a familiar name. See also paf, bes, tix, bun, mes.