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gismu rafsi: mac x1 feels wonder/awe/marvels about x2. See also cinmo, makfa, kucli, spaji, cinri, banli, sisku.
gismu rafsi: man x1 is dark/lacking in illumination. (cf. blabi, gusni, ctino; use kandi or xekri with colors, ctino)
gismu rafsi: map x1 is a cap/hat/crown/helmet/piece of headgear [head-top garment] of material x2. See also taxfu, stedu, drudi.
gismu rafsi: max x1 [force] mashes/crushes/squashes/smashes x2 into pulp/mash/crumbs/deformed mass x3. See also daspo, pesxu, zalvi, bapli.
gismu rafsi: mel mle x1 is beautiful/pleasant to x2 in aspect x3 (ka) by aesthetic standard x4. Also handsome, pretty, gorgeous, cute, comely, graceful. See also pluka, xamgu.
gismu rafsi: mes me'i x1 is a sister of/sororal to x2 by bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3; [not necessarily biological]. See also bruna, tunba, tamne, famti.
gismu rafsi: met me'u x1 is x2 minutes in duration (default is 1 minute) by standard x3. See also junla, cacra, snidu, tcika.
gismu rafsi: mer x1 pertains to USA/American culture/nationality/dialect in aspect x2. See also brito, bemro, ketco, xispo, glico.
gismu rafsi: lat x1 is a cat/[puss/pussy/kitten] [feline animal] of species/breed x2; (adjective:) x1 is feline. See also cinfo, tirxu, gerku.
gismu rafsi: lun x1 is a satellite/moon orbiting x2 with characteristics x3, orbital parameters x4. See also plini, solri, lunra.
gismu rafsi: mol mo'u x1 is a/the mouth/oral cavity [body-part] of x2; (metaphor: entrance/intake for consumption). (adjective:) x1 is oral. See also ctebi, denci, tance.
gismu rafsi: mro x1 is dead/has ceased to be alive. Die/mortal (= mrobi'o, co'urji'e). See also jmive, catra, betri.
gismu rafsi: mru x1 [tool] is a hammer for/hammers x2 [target] consisting of weight/head x3 propelled by x4. See also tutci.
gismu rafsi: mut x1 is immaterial/not physical/without material form. See also marji, menli, pruxi, sidbo.
gismu rafsi: mud x1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains wood/lumber from tree(s) of type/species x2. See also tricu, stani.
gismu rafsi: mup x1 is an example/sample/specimen/instance/case/illustration of common property(s) x2 of set x3. See also cmavo list mu'u, pixra.