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gismu rafsi: rux ru'i x1 is spiritual/pertains to the soul in nature [either energy or being]; x1 is ghostly/ethereal. Also soul (= ruxse'i). See also censa, lijda, mucti, xadni.
gismu rafsi: puc pu'e x1 is dust/precipitate [suspensible solid] from x2 in medium/on surface x3. See also te zalvi, danmo, purmo, sligu.
gismu rafsi: puj pu'i x1 (agent) puts/places/sets x2 on/at surface/locus x3. See also cpacu, lebna, cpana, batke, setca.
gismu rafsi: pul x1 is a swelling/protrusion/convexity [shape/form] at/in/on x2, of material x3. (adjective:) x1 is swollen. See also balji, cmana, plana.
gismu rafsi: pud x1 is a garden/tended/cultivated field of family/community/farmer x2 growing plants/crop x3. Orchard (= ricpurdi). See also foldi, cange, panka.
gismu rafsi: pum pu'o x1 is a powder of material x2. Flour (= grupu'o, xripu'o). See also pulce, zalvi.
gismu rafsi: rac x1 is delicate/fragile/subtle/refined in property x2 (ka). Easily damaged or rendered less pleasing/pure/effective. See also jdari, ranti, tsali, milxe, kukte.
gismu rafsi: ra'e x1 retains/keeps/holds x2 in its possession. See also cirko, rinju, ponse, jgari, pinfu, stali, curmi.
gismu rafsi: rad x1 yields/gives way/surrenders to x2 (force/agent) under conditions x3. See also jdari, renvi, ranti, se bapli.
gismu rafsi: rag x1 is a/the body organ [body-part] of body/species x2 performing function x3. Also sweetmeat (= ragdja). See also besna, livga.
gismu rafsi: ran x1 is soft/malleable/moldable/yielding to force x2 in conditions x3. See also ralci, jdari, lakse, randa, gradu.
gismu rafsi: rax x1 is ironic(al)/contrary to expectation x2 in state/property/aspect x3. See also dukti, frica, cizra.
gismu rafsi: rar x1 is natural/spontaneous/instinctive, not [consciously] caused by person(s). See also rutni, jinzi, nurma, stati.
gismu rafsi: rat x1 is an atom of element/atomic number x2 of isotope number/atomic weight x3. (cf. kantu for a basic unit of a property or activity; selci for a basic physical subunit, generally of a mass)
fu'ivla x1 is sufficiently x2 (ka) to be/do x3 (ka) Created to match the cmavo rau. Proposed rafsi -rau-. See also banzu, rau.
gismu rafsi: rem re'a x1 is a human/human being/man (non-specific gender-free sense); (adjective:) x1 is human. See also nanmu, ninmu, prenu.