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gismu rafsi: sac x1 is honest/open/truthfully revealing to/candid/frank with x2 about matter/fact x3. Also straight, straight-forward. See also tcica, jetnu, jitfa, mipri.
gismu rafsi: sta x1 remains/stays at/abides/lasts with x2. See also vitno, zasni, ralte, stodi, xabju, stuzi, renvi.
gismu rafsi: tap x1 steps/treads on/in surface x2 using limbs x3. See also bajra, plipe, cadzu, serti.
gismu rafsi: sic x1 is to the west/western side of x2 according to frame of reference x3. See also stuna, berti, snanu, farna.
gismu rafsi: tiz x1 is a chair/stool/seat/bench, a piece or portion of a piece of furniture intended for sitting. See also nilce, zutse, jubme, ckana.
gismu rafsi: sun x1 is to the east/eastern side of x2 according to frame of reference x3. See also stici, berti, snanu, farna.
gismu rafsi: suc x1 (si'o) is abstracted/generalized/idealized from x2 [something concrete] by rules x3. See also fatci, xanri.
gismu rafsi: sud x1 is dry of liquid x2; (adjective:) x1 is arid. See also cilmo, litki, runta.
gismu rafsi: suk x1 (event/state) is sudden/sharply changes at stage/point x2 in process/property/function x3. Also abrupt, discontinuous. See also spaji, vitci, vlile.
gismu rafsi: suj x1 is a mathematical sum/result/total of x2 plus/increased by x3. See also jmina, jalge, mulno, pilji, su'i.
gismu rafsi: sum su'i x1 is a/the argument of predicate/function x2 filling place x3 (kind/number). (x1 and x2 are text); See also bridi, darlu, gismu.
gismu rafsi: sur x1 relaxes/rests/is at ease in/by doing/being x2 (activity). See also dunku, tatpi, cando, vreta.
gismu rafsi: tad x1 studies/is a student of x2; x1 is a scholar; (adjective:) x1 is scholarly. See also ckule, cilre, ctuca.
gismu rafsi: tag x1 is snug/tight on x2 in dimension/direction x3 at locus x4. See also trati, jarki, kluza, rinju.
gismu rafsi: tal x1 (person) challenges x2 at/in property x3. (cf. jinga, damba, darlu, jivna, nandu for a challenging event/situation)
gismu rafsi: tax ta'e x1 is a box/carton/trunk/crate for contents x2, and made of material x3. See also bakfu, botpi, cutne, dacru.