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gismu rafsi: vit x1 is irregular/occasional/intermittent in property/action/aspect x2. See also ranji, rufsu, suksa.
gismu rafsi: vi'o x1 is permanent/lasting/[eternal] in property x2 (ka) by standard x3 [time-span/expectant one]. Also everlasting. See also stodi, cimni, zasni, manfo, stali.
gismu rafsi: lag x1 is a/the vulva [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, plibu, vibna, mabla.
experimental cmavo conversion: move 4th place to 1st position. Everything else stays in the same order. Before: x1 x2 x3 x4 x5, after: x4 x1 x2 x3 x5. Has the same effect as "ve te se". Proposed rafsi: -voz-
gismu rafsi: vol voi x1 flies [in air/atmosphere] using lifting/propulsion means x2. See also cipni, klama, vinji.
gismu rafsi: vok vo'a x1 is a voice/speech sound of individual x2. See also sance, tirna, bacru.
gismu rafsi: vra x1 is a lever [tool] [of apparatus] for doing x2 [function/action], with fulcrum x3 and arm x4. See also tutci, pulni.
gismu rafsi: rej vei x1 is a record of x2 (data/facts/du'u) about x3 (object/event) preserved in medium x4. See also sorcu, datni, papri.
gismu rafsi: vre x1 lies/rests/reclines/reposes on x2; x1 is reclining/recumbent/lying on x2. See also cpana, surla, zutse, ckana, lazni.
gismu rafsi: xab x1 is exactly/approximately half/semi-/demi-/hemi- of x2 by standard x3. See also mulno, pagbu.
gismu rafsi: xad x1 is a/the body/corpus/corpse of x2; (adjective:) x1 is corporal/corporeal. See also menli, pruxi, sluji, mulno, cutne.
gismu rafsi: xal x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of alcohol of type x2 from source/process x3. See also birje, jikru, vanju.
gismu rafsi: xac xa'i x1 is a weapon/arms for use against x2 by x3. Gun/cannon (= celxa'i). See also jenmi, sonci, catra.
gismu rafsi: xaz zdo x1 reflects Asiatic culture/nationality/geography in aspect x2. See also polno, friko, jungo, rusko, ropno.
gismu rafsi: xed xe'o x1 (person) is kind to x2 in actions/behavior x3. See also cinmo, kecti, pendo, kusru.
gismu rafsi: xer xe'u x1 regrets/rues (abstraction) x2; x1 is regretful/rueful/sorry/[remorseful] about x2. Also: x1 feels remorse about x2 (= zugyxe'u). (cf. cmavo list u'u, zungi)