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gismu rafsi: gan x1 is broad/wide in dimension x2 [2nd most significant dimension] by standard x3. See also clani, jarki, rotsu, condi, barda, gutci, minli.
fu'ivla x1 feels sensation / qualia x2 via sense x3 (ka) // {ka'e gansetifri} = x1 is sentient (able to feel subjective conscious experiences) x2 is a ganseti-type. Proposed gismu form: gelse, with rafsi -ges- and -ge'e-. See lifri, ganse.
gismu rafsi: gax x1 is a/the anus/anal orifice/asshole/arsehole [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: exit, waste exit]. Also asshole/ass/arsehole; (adjective:) x1 is anal. See also zargu, kalci, mabla, rinci.
gismu rafsi: gap x1 is directly/vertically above/upwards-from x2 in gravity/frame of reference x3. See also tsani, galtu, cnita, drudi, gacri, dizlo, farna.
gismu rafsi: rau x1 [magnitude] is a unit/degree of/on scale/reference standard x2 (si'o) measuring property x3. Also grade, level, point; x3 dimension. See also ckilu, kantu, kelvo, merli, ranti, selci.
experimental gismu x1 pertains/is related to/reflects (the) gravitational interaction [fundamental]/gravity in manner/with properties/in state/with realization x2, coupling to x3 in manner/with strength x4 Proposed short rafsi: -gav-. See also: jikfi, dicma, vubla, tsaba, xigzo, junta.
gismu rafsi: gug gu'e x1 is the country of peoples x2 with land/territory x3; (people/territory relationship). Also sovereignty, domestic (as opposed to foreign), nation (when not referring to ethnos). See also turni, natmi, jecta, tumla, tutra, lanci.
lujvo x1 is a Google Group for x2 to discuss/talk about subject x3 -zam- is the rafsi of zai'e, indicating a jargon word, and the divorce of girzu from its normal meaning. Place structure based off of snustu.
gismu rafsi: gut x1 (person/mass) attacks/invades/commits aggression upon victim x2 with goal/objective x3. See also bradi, damba, darxi, jamna, jenca, jursa.
gismu rafsi: jad ja'i x1 (object) adorns/decorates x2; x1 is an adornment/decoration of x2; x2 is fancy/decorated. Fancy/decorated (= selja'i). See also jemna, dirba, batke.
gismu rafsi: jaf jma x1 is a/the foot [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: lowest portion] (adjective:) x1 is pedal. See also jicmu, genja, zbepi, tuple, jubme, xance, tamji.
gismu rafsi: jam x1 (person/mass) wars against x2 over territory/matter x3; x1 is at war with x2. See also bradi, gunta, panpi, damba, darlu.
gismu rafsi: jab x1 is a bell/chime/[tuning fork] [tuned percussion instrument] producing sound/note x2. Also: x1 rings/tolls (i.e. if it rings, then it is a bell); resonates (one sense, = jabdesku). See also zgike, tonga, desku, slilu.
gismu rafsi: jas x1 is a diplomat/consul representing polity x2 in/at negotiation x3 for function/purpose x4. (for) x3 polity, (use tu'a); also ambassador (= raljansu, trujansu). See also jecta, krati.
gismu rafsi: jat x1 is an account/bill/invoice for goods/services x2, billed to x3 by x4. See also jdima, vamji, vecnu, canja, jerna, dejni, jbera.
gismu rafsi: ja'a x1 is captain/commander/leader/in-charge/boss of vehicle/domain x2. See also jitro, lidne, te bende, minde, ralju, gidva, bloti.