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lujvo s1=v1 (quote) is a linguistic/conceptual lexeme for word/concept v2, being the most basic subunit of s2, in language v3 x1 may not be a proper word on its own (may require error/foreign/rafsi quotes or the like). See also: veljvo, rafsi.
experimental cmavo jargon word indicator; indicates previous word is a jargon word Jargon words are to have a single, defined, specialized meaning within one particular narrow context (e.g. a game, field of study, or industry), but may also be assigned to other meanings in other contexts. Proposed rafsi: -zam- (technically rafsi for zai'e; this rafsi is always placed *before* the modified morpheme(s)) Forethought variant: zai'e
gismu rafsi: rod 1st assignable variable predicate (context determines place structure). See also cmavo list bu'a.
gismu rafsi: lir x1 (event) is early by standard x2. See also lerci.
cmavo rafsi: dum abstractor: predication/bridi abstractor; x1 is predication [bridi] expressed in sentence x2.
cmavo rafsi: jax convert tense/modal (tagged) place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra FA place (fai).
cmavo rafsi: jez abstractor: truth-value abstractor; x1 is truth value of [bridi] under epistemology x2.
gismu rafsi: jor jo'o x1 reflects Jordanian culture/nationality in aspect x2. See also filso.
experimental cmavo Toggles to right grouping of tanru/lujvo. rafsi -keb- "ke'ei'a" toggles back to left grouping. (Applies only to next selbri.)
experimental cmavo Toggles to left grouping of tanru. rafsi -kex- Toggles back to left grouping after ke'ei toggles right grouping or ke'ai toggles to no grouping.
gismu rafsi: lec x1 (event) is late by standard x2. See also clira.
cmavo rafsi: liz abstractor: experience abstractor; x1 is x2's experience of [bridi] (participant or observer).
gismu rafsi: li'o x1 is light in mass/weight by standard x2. (cf. junta, tilju; se xalbo, kandi for metaphor)
gismu rafsi: lu'o x1 reflects Lebanese culture/nationality in aspect x2. See also xrabo.
cmavo rafsi: muf abstractor: achievement (event) abstractor; x1 is the event-as-a-point/achievement of [bridi].
cmavo rafsi: nil abstractor: quantity/amount abstractor; x1 is quantity/amount of [bridi] measured on scale x2.