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gismu rafsi: vif (adjective:) x1 is fresh/unspoiled. See also fusra.
gismu rafsi: vid x1 is poisonous/venomous/toxic/a toxin to x2. See also since.
lujvo x1 is a lujvo with irregular rafsi, meaning x2, with arguments x3, built from tanru/compound-phrase x4 Refers to a somewhat controversial idea that formal rafsi should be abolished, with coiners of lujvo being able to pick rafsi other than the formally assigned ones. One example might be shortening mitysisku into mitsku. See lujvo, zi'evla
cmavo rafsi: zum abstractor: activity (event) abstractor; x1 is abstract activity of [bridi] composed of x2.
experimental cmavo Toggles to no grouping rafsi -ked- The grouping of gismu/rafsi is left ambiguous. So with a statement like: ke'ai melbi cmalu nixli ckule or kedmlecmaxlicu'e it is unclear whether this is referring to a (((pretty little)girls)school), (pretty(little(girls(school))), etc. Overridden by ke'ei or ke'ei'a. (Applies only to next selbri.)
experimental gismu x1 is/are related to itself/himself/herself/themselves by relation x2 Compare with sevzi and simxu. "se'i" proposed as rafsi for "sefsi" since "sevzi" doesn't really need much a final rafsi.
lujvo t1 is the pattern/shape of word v1=t2 with meaning v2 in language v3. Cf. valsi, tarmi, rafsi, rafske
gismu rafsi: pag pau x1 is a part/component/piece/portion/segment of x2 [where x2 is a whole/mass]; x2 is partly x1. Partly (= selpau). See also cmavo list pa'u, mulno, xadba, spisa, gunma, rafsi.
gismu rafsi: bak x1 is a cow/cattle/kine/ox/[bull/steer/calf] [beef-producer/bovine] of species/breed x2. See also danlu.
gismu rafsi: beg x1 reflects Bengali/Bangladesh culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. See also xindo.
gismu rafsi: bik x1 whips/lashes/snaps [a sudden violent motion]. See also skori, darxi.
gismu rafsi: bid x1 reflects Indonesian culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. See also bindo, meljo, baxso.
cmavo rafsi: bor short scope joiner; joins various constructs with shortest scope and right grouping. Cf. ke, ke'e.
gismu rafsi: raz x1 reflects Brazilian culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. See also porto, ketco.
gismu rafsi: red bre x1 is ready/prepared for x2 (event). See also spaji, jukpa.
gismu rafsi: buj bu'o x1 pertains to the Buddhist culture/religion/ethos in aspect x2. See also latna, lijda.