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gismu rafsi: rac x1 is delicate/fragile/subtle/refined in property x2 (ka). Easily damaged or rendered less pleasing/pure/effective. See also jdari, ranti, tsali, milxe, kukte.
lo vi flora cu ralci lo ka se tarmi
This flower has a delicate form.
gismu rafsi: kuk x1 is delicious/tasty/delightful to observer/sense x2 [person, or sensory activity]. x1 is a delicacy. See also gusta, ralci, vrusi, cpina.
gismu rafsi: ran x1 is soft/malleable/moldable/yielding to force x2 in conditions x3. See also ralci, jdari, lakse, randa, gradu.
gismu rafsi: tsa x1 is strong/powerful/[tough] in property/quality x2 (ka) by standard x3. See also ralci, ruble, carmi, vlipa.
gismu rafsi: jar x1 is firm/hard/resistant/unyielding to force x2 under conditions x3. See also nandu, ralci, randa, ranti, tinsa, sligu, stodi.
gismu rafsi: mli x1 is mild/non-extreme/gentle/middling/somewhat in property x2 (ka); x1 is not very x2. See also mutce, traji, kandi, ruble, midju, nutli, ralci.