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mi ralte ta poi cukta
That is my book.
za'u ko'a ralte lo vanju
They have wine.
.a'i mi ze'a ba ralte
I'm trying to hold it!
xu do ralte lo xarci
Do you have any weapons?
ko'a ralte 2000 lo cukta
She has 2,000 books.
mi ralte lo crino creka
I have a green shirt.
xu do ralte lo cartu
Do you have a map?
mi na ralte lo cidja
I have no food.
ra ralte lo so'i jdini
He has a lot of money.
mi co'a ralte lo mlatu
I'm getting a cat.
mi ralte lo re mlatu
I have two cats.
do ralte so'i lo cukta
You have a lot of books.
ti'e ra ralte so'i lo dzena jdini
They say that he has a lot of old money.
xu do ralte da poi jdini
Don't you have any money?
mi ralte lo xunre cnino karce
I have a new red car.
xu do ralte da poi karce
Do you have a car?