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mi ralte lo mlatu e lo gerku .i my xekri .i je gy blabi
I have a cat and a dog. The cat's black and the dog's white.
ko kurji ki'u lo nu lo nanmu ku ralte lo celxa'i
Careful, the man has a gun.
lo mi patfu ku na curmi lo nu mi ralte lo gerku
My father won't allow me to keep a dog.
mi'ai ralte le mlatu i ro da poi selcmi be mi'ai cu nelci my.
We have a cat. We are all fond of the cat.
mi na pu djuno lo nu la tom cu ralte lo gerku
I didn't know Tom had a dog.
mi cadzu se ja'e lo nu mi na ralte lo karce
I walk because I don't have a car.
mi cadzu se ja'e nai lo nu mi na ralte lo karce
I walk regardless of whether or not I own a car.
la toms. pu cusku fi la maris. fe lo sedu'u ty ralte lo celxa'i
Tom told Mary that he had a gun.
lo rupnu be li re mu cu cteki lo ka ralte lo bakni
25 dollars is the tax for keeping cows.
lo flalu be lo ka na ralte lo gerku bei ro se zdani cu cizra
The law specifying that no citizen should keep a dog is crazy.
mi ralte lo fukpi be lo vi pixra bei lo jubme bukpu bei lo nu prina
I have a printed copy of this picture made as a tablecloth.
gismu rafsi: cru x1 (agent) lets/permits/allows x2 (event) under conditions x3; x1 grants privilege x2. Sufficient condition (= crutcini), agent that permits a situation (= tcinycru). See also rinju, banzu, ralte, jimte, jaspu, zifre.
gismu rafsi: jai x1 grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/[hugs] x2 with x3 (part of x1) at locus x4 (part of x2). Hug (= birjai, pamjai); handshake (= xanjaisi'u); hold with hands (= xanjai); handle (= jaitci). See also ralte, pencu, darxi, batke, rinju.
gismu rafsi: cri x1 loses person/thing x2 at/near x3; x1 loses property/feature x2 in conditions/situation x3. x2 may be a specific object, a commodity (mass), an event (rare for cirko), or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising from ownership of the object/commodity (= po'ecri, posyselcri for unambiguous semantics). See also facki, ralte, sisku, claxu, jinga, pleji, canja, sfasa, dapma, binra, mipri.
gismu rafsi: pos po'e x1 possesses/owns/has x2 under law/custom x3; x1 is owner/proprietor of x2 under x3. (x3 is generally more important to the concept than commonly accepted for the English equivalent, since the concept is broader when unconstrained, and the nature/interpretation of possession/ownership is very culturally dependent); See also ckini, ralte, jitro, steci, srana, tutra, turni, zivle.
gismu rafsi: ri'u x1 is restrained/held [back]/constrained/kept by restraint x2 against x3 (event). Also: x2 is a restraint/binding for x1, x2 keeps/restrains/holds [back]/constrains x1 from x3 (= selri'u for reordered places); agentive restraint (= ri'urgau, ri'urzu'e). See also zifre, ralte, pinfu, kavbu, fanta, jgari, jimte, bapli, curmi, kluza, tagji.