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gismu rafsi: ran x1 is soft/malleable/moldable/yielding to force x2 in conditions x3. See also ralci, jdari, lakse, randa, gradu.
loi matne cu ranti
Butter is soft.
mi nelci lo nu ranti
I like that it is soft.
le pesxu cu ranti lo danre
The dough is soft when being pressurized.
xu do mo'u zbasu lo kabri lo ranti kliti
Have you worked the cup out of soft clay?
le nakni cu co'a cpana le fetsi fau lo nu le nakpinji cu ranti
The guy starts being on top of the girl and experiences his penis being soft.
lujvo b1=r1 is velvet made from material b2. Cf. ranti, bukpu.
lujvo p1 is eiderdown/feather/plume of duck species/breed d2. Cf. datka, gunse, cipni, kicne, ranti.
gismu rafsi: lak x1 is quantity of wax [substance especially soft/moldable when warm] from source x2. Also paraffin. See also bifce, ranti, bidju.
gismu rafsi: rac x1 is delicate/fragile/subtle/refined in property x2 (ka). Easily damaged or rendered less pleasing/pure/effective. See also jdari, ranti, tsali, milxe, kukte.
gismu rafsi: rad x1 yields/gives way/surrenders to x2 (force/agent) under conditions x3. See also jdari, renvi, ranti, se bapli.
gismu rafsi: rau x1 [magnitude] is a unit/degree of/on scale/reference standard x2 (si'o) measuring property x3. Also grade, level, point; x3 dimension. See also ckilu, kantu, kelvo, merli, ranti, selci.
gismu rafsi: jar x1 is firm/hard/resistant/unyielding to force x2 under conditions x3. See also nandu, ralci, randa, ranti, tinsa, sligu, stodi.
lujvo x1 is flexible/supple/limber/bendable/non-resistant in direction x2 against force x3 under conditions x4. not limited to physical forces; e.g. mental rigidity. See also tinsa, ranti, bapli, jdari, nandu, torni, trati, xarnu, danre, stodi.
experimental gismu x1 is a quantity of fluff of composition/structure/characterization/substance x2; x1 is fluffy/airy/soft/fuzzy in texture Visual and tactile. Most likely is malleable, but this word has no such implications inherently; porousness or foaminess is likewise not implied. Might also include "cushiony", "cotton-like", "wool-like"; a fractal nature might be present. For fuzziness: not necessarily hairy or furry, but must be soft; not bristly (which implies stiffness and hardness). See also: ranti, rufsu, xutla, panje, dilnu, mapni, sunla, fonmo, jduli, pesxu, marji.