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mi pu te vecnu lo pa re fe'i re sovda
I bought half a dozen eggs.
li vo cu sumji li re li re
4 is the sum of 2 and 2.
mi ralte re lo cukta
I have two books.
lo re bruna ba'o mrobi'o
The two brothers have died.
ko'a sipna sepi'o re kicne
She sleeps with two pillows.
ko'a sipna ga'u re kicne
She sleeps with two pillows.
lo re ko'a mutce melbi
Both of them are very cute.
de'i li vu'u re brife
Two days ago the wind blew.
mi nelci re ro zo'e
I like both.
lo'i re nanmu cu tcesmisi'u
The two men had much in common.
re do mi serai pendo
You two are my best friends.
ro lo re ra smaji
They're both quiet.
ro lo re do drani
Both of you are right.
mi ralte lo re mlatu
I have two cats.
mi se bersa re da
I have two sons.
ti korbi lo re rirxe
This is the border between the two rivers.