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lo vi djacu cu litce li re
It's two liters of water.
re mai la meilis ka'e sidju ma'a
Secondly, she can help us.
li bi pilji li re li vo
8 = 4 x 2.
re cribe ca cpana lo bisli
There are two bears on the ice.
mi pu re roi penmi la alis
I met Alice twice, two times.
su'e re prenu ca zvati le dinju
There are at most two people in the building.
li so tenfa li ci li re
9 is the exponential result of 3 to the power 2.
lo vi minji cu xampo li re
This machine has a current of 2 amperes.
re xo'e prenu pu zvati le kumfa
20 - 29 people were present in the room.
mi kancu lo prenu li pa re lo ka re mei
I counted the people as 12 couples.
me'o re pi mu saclu li mu fe'i re li pa no
2.5 is the decimal equivalent of the fraction 5/2 in base 10.
lujvo x1 is the word with stands for the number x2 in language x3 E.g. Lojban pa, re, etc., English "one", "two", etc. See nacyuensni
lujvo t1=c1 is a double circle. The two circles have a common center. re, cukla, tarmi; cuktai
cmevla x1 is Pisces [constellation/astrological sign]. From re, finpe. The constellation is commonly represented as two fish, each of which is tied to the same point by a long length of string. The fish are connected at the tails.
lujvo x1 is a quantity of carbon dioxide (CO₂) See tabno, re, kijno, gapci, tabypavykijno
lujvo x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3. temci zei judri. Both date and time may be x1 all together. See te'i for BAI. See also detri, tcika. ex.) li re no pa mu pi'e mu pi'e ci no pi'e re no pi'e re vo cu mentu temjudri su'o nuntumdesku u'y ty cy xi ma'u so (There was an earthquake at 2015-05-30 20:24 UTC+9.) / li re vo mu ze pa ze re pi so ze mu cu temjudri su'o nuntumdesku la juli'us (There was an earthquake at 2457172.975 of Julian date.)