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gismu rafsi: rem re'a x1 is a human/human being/man (non-specific gender-free sense); (adjective:) x1 is human. See also nanmu, ninmu, prenu.
mi remna
I'm a human.
remna xadyske
Human anatomy
remna girzu
Social group
remna selcru
Human rights
ro remna ka'e mroxadni
Any human can be a dead body.
ko'a pu mo remna
What kind of man was he?
remna kamfarvi namcu
Human Development Index
ti terdi lo remna
This is the planet of humans.
lo va remna cu sonci
That man is a soldier.
ro remna da se besna
All humans have brains.
fu'ivla x1 is a mermaid See also remna, finpe
lo remna pu finti le lisri
A human being wrote the story.
ko'a pu stati je certu remna
He was an intelligent and practical man.
lo remna cu pu bajra le lunra
Mankind walked on the Moon.