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fu'ivla x1 is a non-binary-gendered humanoid person [not necessarily adult] Umbrella term for any non-man non-woman (in some aspect/consideration/standard) humanoid person; possibly includes: transgenders, people of no gender/sex, people of indeterminate gender/sex, hermaphrodites, intersexed people, bisexuals (one sense), possibly people with sex chromosomes other than (specifically and fully) XX or XY, and anyone who does not subscribe to or fit within the strict gender/sex binary (of a given society). As such, it is a specification of rempre/remna/prenu co-equal with ninmu and nanmu; it generalized some of the aforementioned cases. Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; use instead remna or prenu. See also: ninmu, nanmu, remna, prenu, makcu, bersa, tixnu, nakni, fetsi, dinti, nanla, nixli, verba, vepre
lujvo x1 is a human who is neither a woman nor a man. See also: remrnunmu, ninmu, nanmu, remna.
fu'ivla x1 is a non-binary-gendered/hermaphrodite/intersexed (probably also can include: asexual, nongendered, indeterminately gendered) individual of species x2 evidencing non-binary-gender trait(s) x3 (ka); x1 is characterized by not following or fitting into some gender-binary. Co-equal to fetsi and nakni. See also fetsi, nakni, remrnunmu.