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lujvo g1 makes f1 fall. Cf. farlu, gasnu, cirko, renro
lujvo r1=s2 throws/launches/casts/hurls oneself to/at/in direction r3. Cf. sevzi, renro.
ko denpa .i pa .i re .i mu si ci .i renro
Wait! One! Two! Five--I mean, Three! Throw!
.i lo nenri be lo blaci dinju cu te stidi lo ka na renro lo rokci
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
ma pu renro cei brodo lo rokci i mu'a mi pu na brodo
Who threw the rock? For example, I didn't.
lujvo j1 plays ultimate frisbee against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4. See also cukla, renro, kavbu, jivna.
gismu rafsi: dan x1 is a ballistic projectile [e.g. bullet/missile] for firing by [gun/propelling launcher] x2. Also cannonball, catapult stone, shot pellet(s). See also cecla, renro, jakne.
lujvo g1=r2 is a javelin made of g2 thrown by r1. Cf. renro, grana, kilga'a.
ca lo nu lo tcadu co'a zifre kei lo prenu cu sanli vi'i lo klaji gi'e renro lo slaplespi
When the city was liberated, people lined the streets throwing confetti.
gismu rafsi: cel ce'a x1 launches/fires/shoots projectile/missile x2, propelled by x3 [propellant/propulsion]. Also: x1 is a gun/launcher/cannon; x1 hurls/throws/casts (more general than renro in that propulsion need not be internal to x1). See also renro, danti, jakne, jbama, spoja.
lujvo j1=b1=p1=r1 compete(s) in a track and field athletics match against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4. From bajra, plipe, renro, jivna. Cf. bajypipre'oterjvi.
lonu zgana lonu lo bersa be lo selglejibri be'o renro lo rocki lo remgunma kei tcini lo nu ko'a cusku lu o'i do pu'o cumki darxi lo do patfu li'u
Seeing the son of a whore throwing rocks at a crowd, he said: "Be careful, you could hit your father."