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cmavo pro-sumti: the last sumti, as determined by back-counting rules.
ri prami lo so'o panzi be ri
She loves her children.
mi'a simpengau ri
We introduced ourselves to each other.
ri klama le zarci
He went to the shop.
i ri speni mi
She is my wife.
gau ko ri xutla
Smooth out it.
ri se savru
It squeaks.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''gti'' (Gbati-ri). See also bangu
experimental cmavo pro-sumti: the next/immediately following sumti (as determined by back-counting rules applied forward) Mostly stylistic in use, although certain word orders may help the audience understand what is being said more easily and thus this word can be more desired. Works basically the same as ri but counts forward; if this word were replaced by the referent sumti (the next sumti) and the next sumti were replaced by ri, the meaning of the sentence would not change at all.
ko'a mulgau le ri barkulselgu'a
She has done her homework.
le fasnu ri ko'a ci'irgau
That incident drew his interest.
ri pu viska no da
They didn't see anything.
ri na ponse lo skami
She doesn't have a computer.
i ri ro roi cmila
And she always laughs.
experimental cmavo the latest aformentioned...; refers back to the most recently mentioned thing(s) that satisfies the x1 of the following predicate See also ri'oirkai, ri, ra, le, bi'unai.
lujvo z1=ri2 is orchestral music (classical music or music written in a classical style) produced/performed by z2=ri1 (event), with form/rules/in tradition ri4. Cf. ropno, ritli, zgike, nolzgi, naizgi, sopselneizgi, dja'aza, te'ekno.