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lujvo f1 is a forest with predominant tree species/cultivar t2. Cf. rictu'a, cicfoi, ricyci'e, mudri.
mi'o zvati le ricfoi
We are in the forest.
ko'a pavysei selzda lo ricfoi
He lives alone in the woods.
pa roi ra penmi lo labno ne'i lo ricfoi
One day she met a wolf in the woods.
le nanmu cu pu mipri vo'a ne'i lo denmi ricfoi
The man was hiding in a dense forest.
lujvo f1 is an uncultivated field of material f2. Cf. ricfoi, ricyci'e.
lujvo s1 is silvology/study of forest(s)/wood(s) f1. See also forest (=ricfoi), dendrology (=mudyspaske).
ki'u tu'a lo vi tricu ku na kakne lo nu viska lo ricfoi
Because of these trees, he can't see the forest.
ra cusku lo se du'u cadzu pa'o lo ricfoi ca lo nu facki fi lo cilce xrula
She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.
gismu rafsi: flo foi x1 is a field [shape/form] of material x2; x1 is a broad uniform expanse of x2. Also woods (= ricfoi), lawn/meadow (= sasfoi), brush (= spafoi, cicyspafoi). See also purdi, cange.