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gismu rafsi: rig x1 is repugnant to/causes disgust to x2 under conditions x3. See also djica, nelci, trina, vamtu, xebni, pluka.
mi se rigni
It disgusts me.
le cidja cu rigni mi
The food is disgusting to me.
lei grute cu se tasta lo je'a rigni
The fruits are indeed disgusting in taste.
lo makcu rutpapaia cu se panci lo rigni
Ripe papaya smells disgusting.
lo flalu prenu je lo tumla vecnu cu ricfu ja rigni
Lawyers and real estate agents are rich or obnoxious.
lo flalu prenu e lo tumla vecnu cu ricfu gi'a rigni
Lawyers and real estate agents are rich or obnoxious.
lujvo x1 dislikes x2 = to'e nelci. See xebni, rigni
nu'e do'u mi na za'u re'u pante ca lo cabdei .i .yy go'i nu'e nai .i .oi ti rigni
I promise I won't complain again today. Umm... I better take that back. This stinks!
experimental cmavo attitudinal: disgust - attraction Expresses disgust (loathing, revulsion). Based on rigni, its opposite is trina (attraction, liking). To be used instead of the "disgust"/repulsion of a'unai for any kind of disgust whose opposite is not cinri, but trina.
gismu rafsi: puk pu'a x1 (event/state) seems pleasant to/pleases x2 under conditions x3. See also rigni, cmavo list pu'a, melbi, nelci, prami.
gismu rafsi: vat x1 vomits/regurgitates x2; x1 throws x2 up; [violent] digestive expulsion. (x2 is non-gaseous); See also rigni, jetce, kafke, sputu.
gismu rafsi: tri x1 attracts/appeals to/lures x2 (person/event) with property/quality x3 (ka). Also: x1 is alluring to x2. See also djica, nelci, rigni, xlura, maksi.
gismu rafsi: nel nei x1 is fond of/likes/has a taste for x2 (object/state). See also cinmo, djica, pluka, prami, rigni, sinma, trina, xebni, cuxna, pendo.
gismu rafsi: xen xei x1 hates/despises x2 (object/abstraction); x1 is full of hate for x2; x2 is odious to x1. x1 is hateful (one sense); x2 is hateful (different sense). See also djica, nitcu, rigni, prami, nelci.
gismu rafsi: dji x1 desires/wants/wishes x2 (event/state) for purpose x3. If desire is for an object, this is sumti-raising; use tu'a in x2 (or use lujvo = po'edji). See also taske, xagji, mukti, nitcu, nelci, pacna, prami, rigni, trina, xebni, xlura.