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lo jinto cu krasi lo vi rirxe
A well is a source of this river.
rau finpe cu nenri lo vi rirxe
There are plenty of fish in this river.
lo cribe cu ragve lo rirxe mi
The bear is across the river from me.
mi pu cadzu se ka'a le rirxe
I walked to the river.
cmevla River Cf. rirxe, xas, braxas.
so'i finpe ba'o nenri ro rirxe be lo ponjo
There used to be a lot of fish in any river in Japan.
xo cripu be la temsas. poi rirxe cu zasti
How many bridges are there across the River Thames?
ko'a du lo gunka fi'o se cpana lo rirxe bloti
He's a labourer on a riverboat.
ma ditcu lo nu do limna lo rirxe
How long have you been swimming in the river?
da jdika naxle le lalxe lo rirxe lo flora foldi
There is a narrow channel to the pool from a river, it goes through flower fields.
ta'i da do pu pu'i limna pa'o le rirxe
Somehow, you were able to swim across the river.
lo respa cu xabju le korbi be le rirxe
Reptiles inhabit the coast of the river.
lo rirxe cu xecto lo mitre lo ka condi
The river is 100 meters deep.
lujvo k1 is a bank of river k3=r1. Cf. rirxe, korbi.
lujvo x1 is a hippopotamus of genus/species x2. Cf. rirxe, xirma. Syn. xiptamu.
mi viska lo nu do xu kansa la .tom. va lo rirxe
Was that you I saw with Tom near the river?