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gismu rafsi: ri'i x1 is a rite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal x2, by custom/in community x3, with form/rules x4. [also: x1 is formal, Legal. x1 is 'going through the motions']; x4 constraints/customs; See also lijda, malsi, flalu, javni, tcaci, clite, junri.
ta'e ji'ireroi ritli lo traji smaji pu lo nu la garofalos di'a tavla lo vitke
There's usually a beat or two of deadly silence before Garofalo resumes talking to the guest.
lo ka pinxe lo tcati ca ro djedi vau fi mi'a ritli lo ka simxu lo ka tavla
To drink tea is our ritual that we perform every day in order to talk to each other.
gismu rafsi: lit x1 is polite/courteous/civil in matter x2 according to standard/custom x3. Also formal, ritual. See also ritli.
lujvo j1=t1 is a convention prescribing j2 (event/state) within community j3=t2. Cf. ritli, lijda, malsi.
lujvo c1=t2 customarily expresses c2 to c3 via medium c4 under conditions t3. Cf. tcaci, cusku, ritli.
lujvo s1=c1 is a holy site to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group c2. Cf. ritli, cesri'a, cesri'isi'a, lijda.
lujvo r1 is/are the ritual/proceedings for starting/commencing c1[event/state/process] by community r2 with rules c4. Cf. cfari, ritli, cfagau.
lujvo j1=p2 is incense emitting odor p1. Cf. panjelga'a, sumne, ritli, lijda, budjo, danmo.
lujvo g1 is a mace/[ceremonial staff] made of g2 used for purpose r2 by custom/in community r3. Cf. ritli, grana, nolga'a.
lujvo k1=t1 is a tradition/practice/custom of traditional culture t2=k2 under conditions t3 This is similar to ritli, but the emphasis is not necessarily on particular rituals, but customs (ex. wearing of a particular type of clothing or hairstyle) associated with a group.
gismu rafsi: jur x1 (person) is serious/earnest/has gravity about x2 (event/state/activity). Also solemn (= drijunri, ri'irjunri, tcejunri). See also tilju, xalbo, badri, ritli.
gismu rafsi: fla x1 is a law specifying x2 (state/event) for community x3 under conditions x4 by lawgiver(s) x5. x1 is a legality; x2 is legal/licit/legalized/a legality (= selfla for reordered places). See also javni, ritli, zekri, pulji, tinbe.
gismu rafsi: mas x1 is a temple/church/sanctuary/synagogue/shrine of religion x2 at location/serving area x3. x2 may be event of form (... worships/pays/respect to ...), hence (metaphorically extending to) monument (= mojmalsi, si'armalsi). See also cevni, krici, lijda, ritli.
lujvo z1=ri2 is orchestral music (classical music or music written in a classical style) produced/performed by z2=ri1 (event), with form/rules/in tradition ri4. Cf. ropno, ritli, zgike, nolzgi, naizgi, sopselneizgi, dja'aza, te'ekno.
gismu rafsi: cac x1 is a custom/habit/[ritual/rut] of x2 under conditions x3. Also: x1 is customary/usual/the practice. See also fadni, kampu, lakne, jinzi, ckaji, cnano, tarti, ritli, javni, zekri.