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mi pu rivbi lo ka bilma vau lo ka zenba lo ka citka vau gi'e jinru lo glare djacu
I avoided becoming ill by eating more and plunging into hot water.
gismu x1 prevents/keeps/stops/restrains/constrains event x2 from occurring. See also pinfu, bandu, zunti, rinju, jimte, bapli, rivbi.
gismu rafsi: kat x1 hunts/stalks prey/quarry/game x2 for purpose x3. Also verb: to fish (= fipkalte). See also jersi, kavbu, sisku, rivbi.
lujvo x1 escapes from x2 by leaving via route x3. See also rivbi, cliva, barkla.
lujvo r1=z1 is a volitional entity in refusing to employ means/take action r2=z2 (ka or nu), for purpose/goal z3/to end z3 Implies a stronger sense of volition, purpose, and/or intentionality than rivbi.
lujvo x1 (entity) is disinclined to do/be x2 (ka) = to'e tende. See rivbi, toldarsi, toldji
gismu rafsi: je'i x1 chases/pursues/(physically) follows after x2; volition is not implied for x1 or x2. x1 follows after x2. See also kavbu, rivbi, kalte, lidne.
zu'u cu'i fau lo nu le za'u mei cu du'e va'ei ku citno gi'e ricfu vau le za'u mei ba snada lo ka rivbi vau gi'e troci lo ka citka do
On the gripping hand, if they're too young and healthy they will escape and attempt to eat you.
gismu rafsi: bad x1 (event) defends/protects x2 (object/state) from threat/peril/potential x3 (event). Also secures (verb); x1 wards/resists x3; protective cover/shield (= badgai). See also ckape, fanta, fapro, marbi, rivbi, zunti, snura, binra, lunbe, pulji.
gismu rafsi: fap pro x1 opposes/balances/contends against opponent(s) x2 (person/force ind./mass) about x3 (abstract). Also resists. See also bandu, bradi, darlu, damba, jivna, lanxe, rivbi, sarji, xarnu.
lujvo x1=z1=r1=g1 procrastinates/avoids doing work x2=r2=g2 (ka), instead doing x3=r3 (ka). I figured I'd FINALLY get around to defining this, only for it to be in order to delay doing homework. cf. zukte, rivbi, gunka, dimna, funca.
gismu rafsi: sis x1 seeks/searches/looks for property x2 among set x3 (complete specification of set). If searching for an object or an event, use tu'a in x2. See also cirko, kalte, kavbu, kucli, rivbi, manci, facki.
fu'ivla x1 is a specific kind of bad weather characterized by large dark rain clouds that block out most of the daylight, large, cold rain drops and an overall dark, uncomfortable and unsettling atmosphere, optionally accompanied by icy wind, such that a change in the weather conditions would be a relief to anyone present, both physically and emotionally. This is an original concept. See also manku, tcima, carvi, bratuca, brife, lenku, kufra, rivbi, dunku, tcini, cinmo, dilnu.