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lujvo l1 (quoted letteral) is the last letter of the word v1. Only a single letter(al) is allowed for l1. Both the letteral and the word must be quoted. See also: lerfu, ro, moi, valsi, lerpavmoivla.
lujvo x1=d1 knows everything about x2=d3 by epistemology x3=d4; x1=d1 is omniscient about matter(s) x2=d3. See also ro, djuno
experimental cmavo universal plural quantifier. ``All.'' ``ro'oi da'' = ``na ku su'oi da na ku.'' cf. ro which is a universal singular quantifier.
experimental cmavo universial famyma'o: terminates the most recently opened construct or clause. cu'au looks back for the most recently opened construct that has not been terminated, and emulates whatever famyma'o would terminate it. It can also be subscripted with xi, and will terminate that many times. Note that that means grammatical function is being put in a xi clause, so be careful when using it. Additionally, cu'au xi ro will terminate all the way up to the last sentence-starting word (.i mi klama lo zarci pe lo pendo be mi cu'au xi ro -> .i mi klama lo zarci pe lo pendo be mi cu'au-be'o-ku-ge'u-ku-vau). This will also terminate to sentences started in lu (will NOT emulate li'u UNLESS used multiple times), ni'o, and no'i. It will NOT emulate le'u. In addition to ro, it can be subscripted with da'a, which terminates to the sentence level, minus 1. In the previous example, this would just leave the vau remaining, and allow you to continue to add to the place structure of klama.
lo ro slabu prenu cu nitcu lo se tavla
Old people need someone to talk to.
le du'u djuno fi lo skami cu jicmu ro saske
Knowledge of computers is basic to all sciences.
da'i mi dunda ro drata be ti do
I'll give you anything but this.
ra pinxe lo djacu pa kabri ca ro cerni
He drinks a glass of water every morning.
ra kanydzu lo vo'a gerku ca lo ro cerni
He walks his dog every morning.
mi klaku ca lo ro nu sanga ti mi
Every time I listen to this song, I cry.
ma'a bilga lo nu ro roi tinbe lo flalu
We should always act in obedience to the law.
ra ca ro nu mi catlu vo'a ru'i moltenva'u
Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.
je ro prenu cu kakne lo nu jmina
And everyone has the ability to contribute.
so'i finpe ba'o nenri ro rirxe be lo ponjo
There used to be a lot of fish in any river in Japan.
ra ro roi djica lo nu tadni lo ponbau
He always wanted to study Japanese.
ra lumci lo relxilma ca lo ro jetfu
He washes the bike every week.