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do retsku zo'ei ro da
You ask questions about everything.
ro ko cusku zo ui
Everyone, say cheese.
.e'i nai ro roi jetsku
You don't have to tell the truth all the time.
lo ro da pu gleki
All were happy.
ti fasnu za'ureroi ro jeftu
This happens more than two times per week.
ro lo prenu pu mi'amli
Everyone giggled.
mi pu viska ro da
I saw everything.
ro lo tadji ba'o fliba
Every means has failed.
ro da se kosmu de
Everything has a purpose.
i ri ro roi cmila
And she always laughs.
ro da du su'o de
Everything is identical to something.
ro remna da se besna
All humans have brains.
ro da ka'e te tavla
Everything can be talked about.
cmavo-compound digit/number: counting from least contextually-possible number; least possible number + n; default n=1 Counts up from rone'e, similar to how da'a counts down from ro
experimental cmavo Contradictory negation of a predicate The quantifier negation laws can be stated as: naku ro da zo'u da broda .ijo [su'o] da zo'u da na'ei broda, naku [su'o] da zo'u da broda .ijo ro da zo'u da na'ei broda.
lujvo x1 is local train that stops every station of cars/units x2 (mass) for rails/system/railroad x3, propelled by x4. See: ro, denpa, trene.