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cmavo emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial. See also jikca.
ii ro'a fi'i pei
Ehhh, I hope I'm not interrupting anything ...
oi ro'a ca ti mi se cfipu
Awkward. I'm confused.
ui nai ro'a no da zvati ti
I feel so lonely, nobody is here.
ni'o .ui ro'a cu'i mi cikre lo pe mi skami
I'm just puttering here by myself, fixing my computer.
ui ro'a cu'i mi cikre lo mi skami
I'm just puttering here by myself, fixing my computer.
ni'o .ui nai ro'a nai mi mo'u zbasu lo pe mi selkei no'u la .gandam.
I finished building my Gundam model. I feel so lonely.
experimental cmavo UI-cmavo parenthesis/separator: start grouping This word is intended to "separate" cmavo in a UI-clause; it can separate the UI-cmavo a toi'e parenthetical will attach to. For example, in (iuro'o toi'e uinai), (uinai) would attach to (iuro'o), while in (iu koi'e ro'o toi'e uinai), (uinai) would attach only to (ro'o). /It can also override the normal "priority order" of how attitudinal-modifiers like ro'a and dai affect each other; this order is currently ill-defined, however. /Elidable terminator: toi'o
gismu rafsi: ros ro'a x1 is prose about plot/theme/subject x2 by author x3 for intended audience x4. Non-poetic written text, without intentional rhyme or meter; x2 may be a convention rather than a subject. See also cfika, lisri, cukta, pemci, finti.