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cmavo rafsi: rom roi converts number to an objectively quantified tense interval modifier; defaults to time tense.
mi xanka so'i roi
I do a lot of worrying.
ra ro roi tadni
He is always studying.
ra no roi ticysku
He never lies.
ra ro roi gleki
He is always happy.
mi no roi ticysku
I never lie.
lujvo x1 happens many times in interval x2. so'i roi
lujvo x1 happens sometimes in interval x2. su'o roi
mi na tadni rau roi
I haven't studied that much!
ra ro roi tolmo'i da
He is always forgetting things.
.e'i nai ro roi jetsku
You don't have to tell the truth all the time.
i ri ro roi cmila
And she always laughs.
fu'ivla x1 is the selma'o "ROI".
mi re roi zvati lo mergu'e
I have been to America twice.
mi so'i roi cortu lo runtyrango
I sometimes have pain in my stomach.
ra tcidu lo va cukta mu roi
He read the story five times over.