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gismu rafsi: kun x1 is/contains/is made from a mineral/ore of type/metal x2 mined from location/lode/mine x3. See also jinme, bisli, rokci, jemna.
lujvo p1=r1 is a statue of p2, made by artist p3, using materials (kind of rock, etc.) r2. See also: rokci, pixra, blixra.
lujvo s1 is a rock face / rock surface of rock / mountain s2=r1 on side s3 with edges s4. Rock composition and origination dropped. Made from rokci + sefta.
lujvo s1=r1 is petrology [science about rock/stone] based on methodology s3. terdi2, terdi3 and saske2 subsumed. See also derske,kunske,rokci.
lujvo r1=k1 is a cornerstone of structure k2 of stone type/composition k3=r2. Cf. rokci, kojna.
gismu rafsi: can x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of sand/grit from source x2 of composition including x3. Also abrasive (= gukcanre). See also bidju, rokci, zalvi, boxna.
lujvo d1=c1 is a chisel for carving d2=c2 with blade of material d3. Cf. rokci, mudri, jinme, tarmi, blixra, larcu, mruli.
mi pu bevri lo patxu be lo nudle fu'e ta'o fi lo purdi fo lo nu jukpa vau kumfa fu lo rokci dargu fu'o
I carried a bowl of noodles (to the garden from the kitchen via a rocky road).
loi enge pu darlu lo nu lo dargu cu se stuzi lo berti vau lo nu lo dinju cu se zbasu fi lo rokci
Engineers argued for the road to be located to the north and against the house to be built of rock.
gismu rafsi: jme x1 is a gem/polished stone/pearl of type x2 from gemstone/material/source x3. Also jewel (= jmeja'i); gemstone (= x2, x3, or jmero'i, jmekunra); pearl (= selcakyjme - a gem found inside a shell, tercakyjme - a gem made of shell material, boijme - any ball-shaped gem), mother-of-pearl (= cakyjme). See also kunra, rokci, jadni, dirba, kargu, krili, pulji.