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cmavo-compound digit/number: least contextually-possible number = ro + ne'e. Could mean ni'uro, no/no'ai, or even "400/600" (SAT score), depending on context. See da'ane'e
cmavo-compound digit/number: counting from least contextually-possible number; least possible number + n; default n=1 Counts up from rone'e, similar to how da'a counts down from ro
experimental cmavo digit/number: absolute zero; nothing; there does not exist; ∄ Mathematically equivalent to no, but implies lack of negative values, especially on a scale (va'e/va'ei e.g.). Equivalent to "rone'e no". Cf. no'e'u, su'o, ro, su'oi, ro'oi
cmavo-compound digit/number: any number "Not more than all"; idiom to indicate that any number (within contextual limits, i.e. rone'e bi'i ro) would satisfy the predicate. su'ono "at least zero" is also usable in contexts where negative numbers aren't meaningful (e.g. most quantifiers). See xe'e, xo'e