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gismu rafsi: rot tsu ro'u x1 is thick in dimension/direction x2 by standard x3; [relatively long in smallest dimension]. Also stout. See also barda, cinla, ganra, clani, condi, plana, gutci, minli.
la tom ca'a dasni loi rotsu lenjo
Tom is wearing thick glasses.
le nakni cu dasni loi rotsu lenjo
He wears thick glasses.
lo korka be lo cindu cu rotsu
The cork of oak trees is thick.
la tom ca ca'o dasni lo rotsu lacni
Tom is wearing thick glasses.
lo bitmu be lo purdi ce lo foldi cu rotsu
The fence between the garden and the field is thick.
le bitmu cu decti be lo mitre lo ka rotsu
The fence is 10 centimeters thick.
ti narge lo kokso lo rotsu lo kukte
This is a coconut with a thick shell and a tasty kernel.
le dargu cu rotsu lo ka se pagbu ti
The road is thick here.
gismu rafsi: cla x1 is long in dimension/direction x2 (default longest dimension) by measurement standard x3. See also slabu, condi, ganra, rotsu, tordu, barda, ganra, gutci, minli, rotsu.
gismu x1 is plump/fat/obese [excessively thick/bulbous/swollen] by standard x2. See also cinla, rotsu, barda, punli, grasu.
lujvo x1 is thin/skinny/[underweight] [excessively thin/unswollen] by standard x2 If you believe in a difference between rotsu and plana, then you believe in the difference between cinla and tolplana. cf. barda, cinla, ganra, rotsu, clani, tordu, condi, caxno, cmalu, plana.
gismu x1 is thin in direction/dimension x2 by standard x3; [relatively short in smallest dimension]. See also rotsu, jarki, tordu, cmalu, caxno, plana, jarki.
gismu rafsi: gan x1 is broad/wide in dimension x2 [2nd most significant dimension] by standard x3. See also clani, jarki, rotsu, condi, barda, gutci, minli.
lujvo x1=m1=r1 measures x2=m2 meters in its third longest direction x3=m3=r2 by measurement standard x4=m4. x1 rotsu is not asserted, which is why rotsu3 is absent. Cf. clatre, gantre
gismu rafsi: bra x1 is big/large in property/dimension(s) x2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x3. See also banli, clani, ganra, condi, plana, cmalu, rotsu, banro, xanto.