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gismu rafsi: roz zgu x1 is a rose [flower - characterized by prickly stem/fragrance] of species/strain x2. Roses are not all pink; avoid using for color rose, which might be labyxu'e. See also spati, xunre.
ti pelxu rozgu
This is a yellow rose.
mi nelci lo xunre rozgu
I like red roses.
.i purdi fi lo rozgu
She grew roses.
lo vi xrula cu rozgu
This flower is a rose.
lo rozgu ku se ponse la .teodoros.
Theodore owns the rose.
va zasti fa lo pelxu rozgu
There is a yellow rose.
fi'a do dunda fe lo vi rozgu
Are you the giver or the receiver of this rose?
pluka panci lo rozgu pe lo purdi
Roses in the garden have a pleasant scent.
loi vi xrula poi do viska cu rozgu
These flowers you see are roses.
le rozgu ku se ponse la te,odoros.
Theodore owns the rose.
lo se flora poi do viska cu rozgu
This flower is a rose.
experimental gismu x1 is a lily [Lilium] of species/strain x2 cf. rozgu. lel- is short rafsi
fu'ivla x1 is a strawberry of species/breed x2. Cf. frambesi, grute, jbari, rozgu.
fu'ivla x1 is a blackberry/raspberry/bramble of species x2. Cf. fragari, grute, jbari, rozgu.
fu'ivla x1 is a plum/peach/cherry/apricot/sloe of species/variety x2. see also ricrprunu, flaume, persika, rutrceraso, birkoku, frambesi, fragari, plise, rozgu