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gismu rafsi: rum x1 melts [becomes liquid from solid state] at temperature x2 and pressure x3. x1 runs (= rumfle). See also dunja, febvi, lunsa, bisli.
lo bisli ca'o runme
The ice is melting.
gismu rafsi: duj x1 freezes/jells/solidifies at temperature x2 and pressure x3. See also febvi, lunsa, runme, sligu.
gismu rafsi: feb x1 boils/evaporates at temperature x2 and pressure x3. Roil (= febjicla). See also dunja, lunsa, runme.
gismu rafsi: lus x1 condenses/liquefies on/into x2 at temperature x3, pressure x4; x1 is dew/condensate on x2. See also cilmo, dunja, febvi, runme, bumru.
gismu rafsi: bis x1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains ice [frozen crystal] of composition/material x2. Composition including x2, which need not be a complete composition. See also kunra, runme, lenku, krili, bratu, snime, carvi.
fu'ivla x1 is an ingot of x2; x1 is a a solid block of more or less pure x2 often but not necessarily bricklike in shape and trapezoidal in cross-section, often the result of pouring out and cooling molten metal, often immediately after smelting from raw ore or alloying from constituents. See also bliku, runme, jinme