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gismu rafsi: run x1 is an artifact; x1 is artificial; x1 is made/caused by people/se kulnu x2; x1 is man-made. See also rarna, se zbasu, gundi, slasi.
rutni menli
Artificial intelligence
so'i da rutni mluni le terdi
There are many satellites orbiting the Earth.
lo vi jemna cu rutni lo mi patfu
This gem is artificial and made by my father.
gismu rafsi: gud x1 is industry/industrial/systematic manufacturing activity producing x2 by process/means x3. See also cupra, fanri, rutni, zbasu.
gismu rafsi: rar x1 is natural/spontaneous/instinctive, not [consciously] caused by person(s). See also rutni, jinzi, nurma, stati.
gismu rafsi: las x1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains plastic/polymer of type/component unit(s) x2. See also rutni, boxfo, bukpu.
lujvo r1=k1 is a wig/toupee/mirkin worn by k2 on body location k3. Cf. rutni, kerfa, zbikre, gaskre, krebasti. r2 dropped for lack of use in this context.
gismu rafsi: zba x1 makes/assembles/builds/manufactures/creates x2 out of materials/parts/components x3. Should not be used to express causation. Cf. cupra, larcu, rutni, finti, gundi.